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Annual BBC Wildwood Springs Lodge Trip — June 15–16, 2017

Thursday-Friday, June 15-16, 2017
Wildwood Springs Lodge

Join the BBC community, along with Kitty and Lyn, and enjoy yoga, natural beauty, pleasant conversation and more than a little fun on our annual trip to Wildwood Springs Lodge.
For more information, contact Kitty. 314.562.7962

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Ongoing Workshop Series

Second Sunday — Mindfulness Sundays with Elizabeth Fryer
Second Saturday — Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement
Third Saturday — Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bathing with Pati Pellerito (Cancelled May/June)
Every Wednesday — Level 1-2 Yoga with JennTara

Second Sunday —  Mindfulness Sundays with Elizabeth Fryer

St. Louis Mindfulness

Join Elizabeth on each
Second Sunday at BBC
6 –7:30pm / By donation.

For more information, visit

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 Second Saturday Series — Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®

TIbetan Singing Bowls

Outsmarting Osteoporosis!
Second Saturday Workshop Series
With Kelly Feder

Movement Intelligence—
Experience better posture, stronger bones
& pain-free exercise.

2:00-4:30 pm

Big Bend Center / 88 N. Gore

FEB 11* / MAR 11* / APR 8*

*Must include a scheduled individual intro class before your first Saturday.

Workshop Fee

$111 all 3 Saturdays*
$76 any 2 Saturdays*

* Must include a scheduled individual intro class before your first seminar.

Register with Kelly 314.563.1266

See informational PDF here.

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 Third Saturday Series — Tibetan Singing Bowl w/ Pati Pellerito

TIbetan Singing Bowls

Check out Pati Pellerito on St. Louis Public Radio “St. Louis on the Air” here.

NOTE: Cancelled during May and June

Relaxation with Pati Pellerito

No experience needed, this group session begins with an insight meditation, simply sitting with awareness of the present moment. Easing tension or discomfort in the body by utilizing the breath and very gentle movement, we prepare to lie back and allow the sounds and harmonies to wash through our body.

The multitudinous sounds and waves of soothing Tibetan Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs, many other percussive and acoustic instruments offer nutrition for the neurological system as well as medicine for the soul. Many describe this experience transcendent and transportive, as the sounds encourage a mind-altering, shift in consciousness. One that supports a restful and rejuvenating experience, a journey into essence. 

“I invite you to bask in waves of peace, heightened awareness and relaxation of body and mind. Come and simply relax, release tension from your body and ease your mind as you lie down and allow the tones and energy to wash through you.” —  Pati

4–5:30 pm / $20 (note new price)

Big Bend Yoga Center
88 North Gore (at Kirkham)
Webster Groves, MO 63119

For more information, contact Pati Pellerito 314.348.4278.

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Wednesday Level 1-2 Yoga with JennTara
1-2pm Every Wednesday
8-week session — Current session of 8 classes runs through May 17; drop-ins welcome.
For more information contact JennTara at

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Saul David Raye

Dear Kitty, Lyn & Yoga Friends,

…it was transcendent! Looking around the Big Bend Center on Saturday night with dancing, singing and children playing—What a night! I was flooded with so much gratitude for this amazing community you have built and so much happiness to be with friends… And so many amazing memories! I remember my first handstand against the deck-side wall; restorative class after an exhausting week at work; coming to recover after childbirth; practicing through chemo; partner stretches with friends and later with my husband-to-be; practicing with Kitty, Lyn, and all the amazing teachers who have been there over the years. What a beautiful, sacred space you hold for all of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please, when you talk to him, thank Saul!! Jai!