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Saul David Raye’s Website
& The Thai Yoga Therapy Website
Prajna Yoga —
Tias Little

Master yourself. Celebrate life.

Circle Yoga Shala
A School for Creative Emergence, Yoga Advancement, and Inquiry
Matthew and Holly Krepps

Masterpeace Studios
Home of Mind–Body Stress Reduction

Dragon Rising
Sean Tebor
Santa Fe, NM


Big Bend has been my place as I began my life as a new mother and then as I went through a divorce. I have laughed and cried and silently cursed in my classes over the years, reminding myself over and over that I am enough just as I am. I can't begin to thank you and Lyn and Mike Shabsin and everyone at Big Bend for always giving me a practice when I needed it most and saying the words that I needed to hear at just the right time. Big Bend has changed my life or maybe I changed my life because of Big Bend and I thank you for that. Peace, Liz