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ART ON THE WALLS at Big Bend Yoga Center
BBC features work from artists throughout our community.

Photography Giclee Prints on Heavy Art Paper
By Ronald O. Krieger


Local Theater Performances

Screaming at Optimum Pitch by Peg Flach 
Come see Melanie Klug in Screaming at Optimum Pitch – A tri-generational collection of monologues: three intersecting lives are portrayed. 

Screaming at Optimum Pitch will run in the St. Louis Fringe Festival at the Grand Center Kranzberg Theatre the following dates and times: 
8/15 at 7:30, 8/17 at 2:30, 8/18 at 4:30

Byron Sletten and Ted Kooser
Poems at an Exhibition –

8/2/19 – 9/2/19

New and Selected works by
Byron Sletten and Ted Kooser

The Kranzberg – 501 N Grand Blvd.

The Art of Giving

September 15, 2019

Will Flores Fund Annual Reception & Event


Chef Sharon Tutko

As a private chef and health coach, I support organic, local and sustainable resources whenever possible.  Further, I embrace simple, clean and delicious ways to feed people of all ages with varying degrees of stress, dietary needs and palate preferences.
—Chef Sharon Tutko

Green Spiral Tours

Green Spiral Tours is a “Family Adventure School” and social enterprise designed to connect families and nature through free and affordable field trips throughout the St. Louis region.

Helping Hand-Me-Downs

Helping Hand-Me-Downs provides clothing for the first year of a newborn’s life… Swaddling those most in need with the love of donations from the community…
While also supporting mothers seeking greater independence.

Stephanie Williamson, Executive Director

Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Program.

OUR MISSION: To increase the independence and reduce the isolation of immigrant and refugee women by teaching them basic English and practical living skills in the security of their own homes.

OUR VISION: To create a community where immigrant and refugee women have sufficient English language skills to provide a home that prepares them and their children to meet the everyday challenges of living in a diverse culture and to make a personal, lasting, and valued social, moral, and economic contribution to the community.

Turner Center for the Arts

Turner Center for the Arts is a multi-use art studio space in Maplewood, with program offerings for everyone from kids to adults. Also offered are day and evening programs for adults with disabilities, after school art classes, summer art camps for kids and open studio time for teenagers.

Nate Larson, Executive Director

Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice

Barbara Finch, Program Chair
Our mission is to identify, research and discuss critical issues. To mobilize, energize and inspire ourselves and others to action. To work as individuals and in community for social justice. 

Community is
By Melanie Klug

Community is individuals,
Rising and falling
on the edge of their mats

Community is witness,
each member in this moment
and that moment

Community has hands
to pick you up
and to clap for you

Community has legs
to stand beside

Community has arms to
open the doors for others

Community has lips
that release the truth

Community is heart
beating together
and individually

Community accepts
the old and the new

Community knows
cycles and seasons

Community is extension
beyond its denomination

Community is a destination
not recognized by mapquest

Community is place
Community is love

Community is
The Big Bend Center

Love, Melanie